Pavel Rampír

Spitfire of O.Smik

spitfire XVIE

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tužka ( pencil)


 S/Ldr. Smik was assigned to commanding officer post with 127th Sqdn in Belgian Grimbergen on November 13th. His life ended shortly thereafter, on November 28th, 1944, during a diving attack on railway station in Zwolle, Netherlands, using 250kg bombs. At that time, his Spitfire LF Mk. XVIe RR227 (9N-B) was hit again by a light flak, this time it was unfortunately lethal. His Belgian wingman F/O Henri J. Taymans has met the same fate. Originally picked up and buried in Brussels, the remains were considered Taymans`, but in 1965 the Dutch Air Force team under the command of Maj. Arie P. de Jong has recovered remains of machine RR229 from the swamp in Ittersum, which revealed Taymans' true identity. After discovering the confusion of the airmen, Smik's remains were transferred to the Canadian burial ground of Adegem East in Brussels. In 1994 Smik's remains were exhumed again and transfered to Bratislava. They are stored there in Slavičí údolí cemetery.